Auto Premium Club

short and long-term rental

  • Mercedes GLC

    43 AMG AWD 367 KM
  • Infiniti Q50S

    3.0 TT RED SPORT 500KM
  • Mercedes W221

  • Ferrari 360 Modena

    3.6 V8 RWD 400KM
  • Maserati Ghibli

    3.0 V6 RWD 350KM

Auto Premium Club

Sports car rental – for adrenaline lovers

Have you ever dreamt of a car ride like in The Fast and the Furious, but then given in to reason and purchased a more urban, family car? You do not have to completely give up your dreams – just call us and in a moment you will be driving the car of your dreams. Do you love cars and the adrenaline rush? Take your best friend with you and set out on an unforgettable adventure tour! Auto Premium Club presents its offer for thrill lovers – sports car rental. There are many reasons to reach for such cars: it will add splendor to conventions, events and special occasions. Our portfolio includes absolute classics. We offer short-term, weekend and even monthly rentals. If you have any questions related to our offer, do not hesitate to call us.


Luxury cars for special occasions

Luxury cars are more than just cars. They are unique experiences, particularly for passengers. You will never experience a greater pleasure from traveling. A luxury car is beautiful and stimulates your senses. Those cars are icons of style, fit for any occasion. Whether on the first date, on the wedding day or at a company event, they will definitely make a stunning impression. Elegance and style, timeless form and unquestionable beauty combined with functionality will appeal to all car lovers. We offer short-term, weekend and even monthly rentals. If you have any questions related to our offer, do not hesitate to call us.

Reliable car rental company – reasonable prices for the best cars

Wide experience and a passion for luxury and sports cars make us an absolute market leader. Auto Premium Club’s portfolio includes classics which please the eye and guarantee unforgettable experiences. We offer short-term, weekend and monthly rentals. Our company is distinguished by reasonable rental prices and high quality of customer service. Safety is our priority, so before the customer receives a car, it undergoes a detailed inspection. That is why our customers never have to deal with unpleasant surprises on the road or during special occasions for which the cars are rented.



We offer renting cars with extensive equipment, in perfect technical condition. We have cars of many classes, meeting each customer’s individual needs.


We guarantee a perfect service. We understand the individual needs of our customers. We will help you to rent a car quickly, easily and at a reasonable price. Just contact us and tell us about your expectations.


Before being handed over to the customer, each car undergoes a detailed inspection. Customer safety is our priority.